Blue Jean Kit – Optional …

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Blue Jean packing kit is optional.

Blue Jean packing kit is optional.

The issues with this from an inspection perspective are numerous.

From the type of materials used, to the downward angle of the first pipe from the house, to the lack of proper mechanical connectors on the joints, to the lack of vertical support for the extended portion from the  house, etc.

BUT …. the most amusing part of this for me was when I realized that this connector and flue pipe contraption (to a functioning interior wood stove) had the interfaces between the HOT pipe and flue liner tile and the flue liner tile and siding / interior wall opening … packed with a pair of UNDERSHORTS at one location and a pair of blue-jean shorts at the other.

Now to be fair – I did not have a conversation with the individual so I guess it’s possible that this was a country-lore idea on how to avoid the high cost of electric to run a dryer – perhaps the oven had dinner cooking in it and this was the only other way to dry clothing.

NOT !!!!!

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