=Easter Eggs

It seems to be an ANALOGY that best describes
what I was up against when inspecting a home.

An Easter egg hunt …
“An event of limited time, within a confined area, where I am to find an unknown number of hidden treasures.” Ray E. Knecht

When doing my home inspections I kept in mind that somewhere … there was most likely a surprise hiding … waiting for me to find it.

I had no idea how many there were, where they were hidden, the size or shape, if they were subtle or obvious, if they were significant or mundane.
But I had to find them – all of them if possible – in the brief amount of time I had in the house.

These photos are typical of what I would encounter on a routine basis.

To view the photos, hover your mouse over the PHOTOS page and select the topic of your interest from the pull-down menu.

Most of these photos I have shot from my own personal findings.

Some are contributions from other inspectors.

And some of these can now be found being shared on the internet from this site.


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