Take AWAY their TORCHES ! !


Look closely at the beam, or what is remaining of it.
The one closest to the door is what an intact beam looks like.

This garage door opens in front of that beam and the beam isn’t in the path of the door travel.

HOWEVER ….. the beam closer to us, above the centerline of the photo, has its vertical portion of the beam – the web – torch cut and REMOVED?!!

Read the notes carefully and notice that you can see the ceiling tiles on the other side of the beam where the notes are typed.

Look further to the right of the notes, where the ceiling tiles are hanging a bit lower, and you can see the web portion as our should be – NOT CUT AWAY!

Why was this done?
Believe it or not it was so the garage door could be opened by passing THROUGH the missing portion.

That beam is of no value to carrying a load at this point.

It may explain why the ceiling tiles are showing water stains if the garage floor above it has bowed down over this non supported area.

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