We don’t need no Stink’n Switches …

Yep – that is what they did !

New Switch concept

New Switch concept

No switch – you just plug the cord-end into the receptacle of your choice and the results are the same – the lights come on.  Unplug it and the lights go out.

No need to spend funds on a switch when this works so well.

All of the room switches throughout the house were like this?!
Living room, Dining room, Kitchen lights and backsplash switches for garbage disposal, Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Basement, Garage and Exterior?!?

Little cord ends sticking through the switch plate and dangling there waiting to be plugged in to turn the lights on.

I  expected to open a closet door somewhere and find a pile of toasters without their cord plug and 10″ of their tail lopped off.  Sad.

The technical details:
On the back side of these plates the home-owner had run Romex wiring to the plate, passed the cut end of the ‘toaster plug and wire’ through the narrow switch opening and spliced the cord-wire to the Romex.

The splice was a flying-splice, in other words not enclosed in a proper junction box for safety.
The stranded cord-wire and solid copper Romex wire were simply wire-nutted together.

Wrong on so many points – unsafe as well.

Head scratching, intriguing, and keeping my job entertaining at the same time.

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